Via SGMC umbrella fund structures fully managed by SGMC Capital, we develop and manage top tier investment funds for international investors. SGMC Capital also has the flexibility to launch dedicated investment funds fully tailored to your requirements.

SGMC Global Dynamic FX Fund

The objective of the fund is to achieve substantial capital appreciation by trading in the global currencies (FX) market. The fund will look to take advantage of both tactical (shorter term and based on momentum and key support / resistance levels) and fundamental opportunities (longer term and based on fundamentals and the macroeconomic environment) to create value for investors.

SGMC Global Dynamic FX Fund

SGMC Asia opportunity Fund

The objective of the fund is to take exposure to strong growth companies in the Asia Pacific region. The fund will look to invest in stocks with higher than average sales growth, average margins and a resultant strong balance sheet. We take concentrated bets in high conviction names and manage the same with an active approach also thanks to the use of derivative instruments to create better risk / reward profiles.

SGMC Asia Opportunity Fund