“SGMC Capital provides tailored, efficient portfolio advice and management to investors who are looking for a professional, trustworthy and performing partner to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

Our flexible and dynamic approach allows us to fully personalize our services according to your goals, placing you and your best interests at the center of everything.

We are by the side of individuals, families, institutions and corporations, helping them realize their aspirations and achieve their goals.

Thanks to our independency and our sound and thorough investment processes, coupled with our many years of financial experience gained throughout the globe, we can design and develop the investment strategies best suited for your needs.

SGMC Capital: Feel the difference.”


Our mission is to become the most reputable and respected Multi Family Office in Asia.

We strive to add value to our clients by providing efficient, performing and trustworthy investment services fully tailored to investors’ specific needs and delivered without any conflicts of interest.

Core Values


We strive for the best outcomes with the highest level of ethical and intellectual integrity.


We develop relationships to enhance the lives of our people; whether they are clients, employees, business partners, or the wider communities in which we are active.


We give independent advice, avoiding all conflicts of interest.


In a rapidly changing market environment, our thorough yet dynamic investment approach allows us to be flexible and proactive in order to best capture arising investment opportunities and avoid important risks.

Key People